Creating Prosperity Through Workable Management Solutions

Our Services - What We Do

We start with a thorough on-site survey of your practice looking for anything that is causing instability in your practice and then further inspect to find what’s preventing you from expanding and meeting your company goals.   

From putting in organization, flow lines and procedures that improve efficiency and production to

staff evaluation, training and correction

handling financial policy and billing procedures

financial planning that makes your practice not just solvent but prosperous

anything you can think of, we tackle it with you.

Because every practice is unique, we tailor our delivery to your office, taking a hands-on approach to practice management. But, along with one-to-one business coaching, we give you discipline specific programs customized to your unique practice. 

For example:

Secrets to Patient Retention & Selling Treatment Programs

Increasing Your Cash Practice – While Decreasing Dependency on Insurance Carriers

How to Choose Your Practice Personnel – Finding Your Team Players

Not Getting Enough Referrals?  Learn How to Get Your Patients Referring Now!

Winning Back Your Patient Base – How to Re-activate Former Patients

Who Runs Your Appointment Book, You or Your Patients?  How to Regain Control!

Getting Your Office Staff to Work as a Team

Marketing Strategies to Attract More Qualified Patients

 Discover the difference with a system of management that addresses every aspect and activity of your practice, from marketing, salesmanship, administrative systems, organizational tools, patient education, coaching and most importantly…implementation.  

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